Marketing and Advertising & International Trade 2018


Welcome to Beresa Cosmetics, a company created by 4 International trade and marketing students in Alcoy.

In Beresa we distribute natural and ecological cosmetics, made with organic ingredients from organic farming that offer the best care for your skin without damaging the environment.

Our line of moisturising creams is created for men and women between 25 and 50 years old.

We are a company engaged with the respect and the care of the environment and the animals, that’s why we don’t use chemical products in our fabrication process, we don’t create any waste, and we use recyclable packaging.

Our ying yang pack, represents the duality and the balance between the masculine and the feminine, keeping the philosophy of integral unisex beauty, fleeing from the topic that cosmetics are only for women, in a society that is very worried about the personal image.

Our product is distributed through the internet and in specialized points of sale, such as perfumeries, pharmacies and herbalists.

Tamara Seguí, Etnia Beneyto, Lourdes Pérez and Joan Ramon.

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